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SOSF is Fairfield's elite location for fitness and rehabilitation. We'll take your fitness from where you are to wherever you want to be. From beginner to expert, discover our unique philosophy to fitness and have fun doing it with others.



Tight hips and shoulders never make for a good workout. In fact, most people who join a gym can quickly discover that they have moved too quickly into the training phase without first addressing the hidden impingements that lie waiting to cause injury when overworked. At SOSF we take a methodical approach to get you back into the best shape you’ve ever been in. Yes, we have clients who are in better shape in their 40’s and 50’s than when they were in their 20’s and 30’s.


First, Release those old injuries through our Chiropractic, massage, freezerburn™ and basic training programs. Work through the tightness and old injuries to break up scar tissue and restore functional movement.

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Next, Re-engage the muscles by learning new movements. Fully functional movements that use all of your body parts in each workout.


Finally, Retrain the whole system for peak personal performance. Go to levels you never dreamed were possible.


There’s a Level for Everyone

The SOSF CrossFit training program builds strength and conditioning through our 9 week training blocks. You will be challenged on everything from strength, mobility, flexibility, gymnastics and cardiovascular ability. SOSF voted the best Crossfit Fairfield CT.


What is Fitness?


There’s a Tool for Every Pain

At SOSF we take a multi-faceted approach to health care. We utilize chiropractic technique, exercise, nutrition and any other modality we think may be appropriate.

The Lab
Hyper-Personalized Nutrition Programming

SOSF uses science to discover your metabolic limitations and create a nutrition program to bust through those limitations. Know excatly what your metabolism is burning on a daily basis and get a 30-day meal plan that automatically updates based on what you burn.


Feel The Power of Release

Stimulate your recovery after a hard workout with an invigorating massage. Help your tissue heal faster, break up scar tissue, or just relax into the weekend.

World Class Coaches
Your Success is Our Success

Let our expert coaches set you up for success. Whether you do the Workout of the Day or get customized one on one training, the coaches at SOSF are the most knowledgeable and caring in the business. Your success is our success.

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